Mecel Betula Suite - Automotive Bluetooth Platform

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Mecel Betula Suite significantly simplifies implementation of Bluetooth connectivity in automotive systems. The product is defined by a complete automotive Bluetooth platform including a global interoperability program. With ensured global compatibility of mobile phones and reduced development need, extensive and continuous customer value is achieved.

Mecel joined the Bluetooth SIG as one of the very first members back in 1998. Mecel is now a world-leading developer of Bluetooth software and associated applications, and as an associate member of the Bluetooth SIG, we are working in the Car and Audio/Video Workgroups to help bring the standard forward.

Mecel Betula Bluetooth MAP and AVRCP 1.4

Mecel now provides a complete automotive Bluetooth solution, Mecel Betula Suite, primarily dedicated for the automotive industry. Mecel Betula Suite is comprised of two elements, where Mecel Betula Software Development Kit (SDK) is the key component which significantly eases the implementation burden and reduces the engineering cost.

Together with the Mecel Betula Interoperability (IOP) program, Mecel can ensure world-wide mobile phone compatibility.

Mecel Betula SDK is also available as a testable PC-version - Mecel Betula Head Unit Concept.

Mecel Betula Head Unit Concept


Mecel Betula SDK – Automotive Bluetooth Platform Software Development Kit

The Mecel Betula SDK provides the automotive industry with a comprehensive Bluetooth platform. It contains all necessary Bluetooth profiles and a majority of applications needed to deliver full Bluetooth functionality. The powerful user interface (high level abstraction) will assist in creating quality software rapidly and cost-effectively. The result is less work for end-product developers.

In addition, Mecel Betula SDK supports Ruwisch & Kollegen GmbH high-performance acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and noise suppression (NS) algorithms.


  • Built-in application logic and data storage
  • Powerful API
  • Pre-integrated support of AEC and NS algorithms
  • Interoperability program

For more information about Mecel Betula SDK follow this link: Mecel Betula SDK


Mecel Betula SDK overview

  Graphical overview of Mecel Betula SDK - Automotive Bluetooth Platform SDK


Download Mecel Betula Suite Product Brief (English)

Download Mecel Betula Suite Product Brief (German)