Mecel Picea for efficient AUTOSAR development

Mecel Picea Brand Image

Mecel Picea provides you with a comprehensive solution for efficient development of AUTOSAR compliant ECUs.  Mecel Picea suite supports you throughout the complete development process with a seamless, integrated tool chain. The high quality software allows you to focus your resources on integration and application development rather than spending time developing standard software.

Mecel Picea Suite is a fully ICC3 compliant AUTOSAR suite including Configuration & Integration tool chain, RTE and basic software.

Mecel Picea Suite
  • Picea tool chain directly developed for a Tier 1s need.
  • Complete and efficient tool chain based on experience.
  • VFB simulator => productive application development.
  • Global development & product support (Sweden, US, India).


Mecels AUTOSAR history

  • Mecel has been active in several AUTOSAR working groups since 2005.
  • Development of Mecel Picea Suite started 2005.
  • Delphi, lead customer and development partner.


  Mecel Picea Key advantages
  • Utilizing our tool chain making engineers more effective.
  • Our tool chain has been used in several integration projects    => Continuous improvement of tools and workflow.


Download Mecel Picea Datasheet (English)

Download Mecel Picea Datasheet (German)